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When it comes to running a busy dental office, reliable, competent administrative help is crucial. From scheduling appointments for new and existing patients to filing charts and processing insurance information, administration is what keeps a dental practice running smoothly.

When you choose our dental front office training, you’re choosing a program that enables you to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule. In as few as four months, you’ll graduate with the skills to start pursuing a career as a dental administrative assistant.


From the technical to the interpersonal side, administrative skills will always be in high demand.


Pursue a career in the dental field and improve the lives of patients by providing excellent dental office support.


Our Dental Office Assistant course fits into your existing schedule so you don’t have to delay pursuing your career.

Job opportunities

Administrative skills are extremely versatile and can prepare you for a number of positions in any dental setting. You could find an administrative assistant role in a dental, orthodontist, prosthodontics, or other specialized offices, as well as adapt your skills to a wide-range of dental fields. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts a 29% growth rate in dental assistant careers by 2026*, which makes it one of the fastest growing fields in the country.


Fainuma Azad has the patience, it takes to teach. She explains everything thoroughly. I would recommend her courses to anyone!
– Zainab A
Fai is the most knowledgeable person to go to, when it goes to insurance. Her course provides you with information that is actually required in a dental setting, Her cost is very reasonable and the materials taught will guarantee a position in a dental office.
– Anisha F
I have had the opportunity to work with Fai, she knows her dental office duties inside out, what she teaches always makes sense. Guaranteed that after her course you will not have any problems looking for a job!
– Fadheelah H


My passion for dentistry can be traced back to pre-professional days. Whether as a member of my dental community or part of volunteers, I have been on a dental path from the start. Reason being, my great passion for the field of dentistry and the quest to help people with dental fears and anxieties. I like to educate people whenever I get the smallest chance as to how dentistry works, and also more importantly make them aware of some major changes in dental technology that allows most procedures performed pain free and easy.

Outside of office, I am committed to volunteer a lot and extend my dental skills whenever possible. I am fluent in English, Fijian, Hindi languages, but always have room to brush up my ability to learn more.

Currently I am trying my hand at teaching dental reception and chairside assisting course to people who are looking into entering the dental world. I am looking forward to meeting new candidates and share my dental tips and tricks with the hopes of them succeeding in this very rewarding career path.


– Fainuma Azad

Dental Office Assistant course curriculum

Our Dental Office Assistant course curriculum is designed to provide students with both the technical skills and the professional proficiencies to excel in an administrative role. From taking care of billing and insurance forms to providing a friendly, ethical, and professional environment for new and returning patients, our curriculum is set up to make sure you graduate with the confidence to become an indispensable team member at a successful dental office.

Our Dental Office Assistant course teaches the essential organizational and operational skills necessary for a dental practice to run smoothly. This includes highly sought-after skills for interacting with patients on an administrative and clerical basis rather than assisting in patient treatment or care.

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Chairside Dental Assistant course curriculum

A dental assistant is a dental health professional who works closely with and under the supervision of a dentist. They work with patients by performing tasks before and after the dentist meets with the patient as well as assist the dentist during certain dental procedures.
Course curriculum is coming soon!

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